Finding my ‘tribe’

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been reading a great book. The Element: How finding your passion can change everything. Now I know that most of you are thinking. “This sounds like something airy fairy to me”. But it very, very interesting. It’s basically written by a very famous modern day educator Sir Ken Robinson. The book gives examples of people who found their passion, their gift in life, what they were born to do. After meeting MANY obstacles and barriers. Part of their journey was finding “Their Tribe”. A group of individuals who had the same passion. Who found something they loved.

Finding their tribe wasn’t easy, obviously. If it was easy we would’ve all found our tribe by now.

This week, I know, I found my tribe. Well I think I found part of my tribe. I have spent the last week living and working with the Mamaku crew. EAC, DC, AB and CB and the 3 Mamaku babies. We all have the same passion to help others. We all have a strong spiritual connection to God. And we all love educating children in some shape or form. We have many other similarities but these standout for me.

The Mamaku crew have been my main support crew over the past few months. Helping me heal from my heartache with A. Without them I would still be lost. I know they’ll be reading this so I would just like to let them know how much I love and and appreciate them.

Working with DC, AB and CB at BC this week has been fantastic. They have been trying desperately to get me there. And I can see why. I have found a place that fits me perfectly. They represent and believe in the exact same things I do. I am sure there will be some level of hypocrisy somewhere that will spoil my prefect vision of BC. But right now it would be a wonderful place to work at. But sadly I have already made my commitment to head overseas.

I know that the Mamaku Crew have done their best to show me how much love they have for me AND how much love I could bring to their lives and BC too. But I think they realize, well I know EAC does, that my journey to heal is still going.That working at BC is a ‘near’ future deal. I said to the Dp of BC that “BC knows me now and wants me back!’ he agreed.

As EAC expressed, I am still heartbroken. I agreed with her. I found half my tribe. Have to go find the rest.

  1. alegra22 says:

    You’re on your way, whether it’s here or there or somewhere in between. You’ve got a whole lot of love backing you.

  2. You know it!! Going to miss all of the Mamaku crew when I leave.

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