Building relationships

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I have always managed to have been really good at doing this in my life…but not always so good at keeping these relationships in a positive position. What I have started to do when meeting new people, which has happened often in the past few weeks is to ‘identify’ very quickly if I want to carry on any kind of relationship with someone. I no longer want to waste too much time giving people 3 changes (which seems to be the generic count now) to NOT annoy me or rub me up the wrong way. Trust me, Patience is a very strong virtue of mine.

I have met some wonderful people her in AD. It seems that these people will become life long friends. They have easily managed to get past the 3 strike system. AS a new friend I have met from America has been a revelation to my well being. We connected very quickly and we both have a similar story. Both of us are running away from our past relationships, trying to make things better and building ourselves into good people. It was a meeting of two minds and two souls..and please don’t get concerned about things AS is a guy! (this comment will make sense to those following my blog) We conversated for a few hours comparing our stories and our journey to AD. His journey has been going on for two more years than I though. And he is just NOW getting better. I have a feeling that my two year contract with myself and God was a good choice.

Building relationships is easy. Taking care of them is the difficult part. I have to learn to not be so stubborn. I have to learn that I am not always right. I have to understand that not everyone will think or feel the way I do…all the time. I have to let them know how much they mean to me, ALL THE TIME. I have to learn to compromise. I have to learn to share my time better. I have to let love grow. I have to let love be the basis to my relationship and let everything else flow. God’s gonna help with the rest I know this for sure.

Just gotta keep my focus on the goal…Nov 2013 is going to catch up soon I know. Gotta keep building those positive relationships. It’s what being part of the human race is all about!

  1. Wayne says:

    If building a relatinship is so easy, why is it difficult to maintain a relationship?

    I guess I am missing something ….


    • Thanks for the comment Wayne. It’s the classic honeymoon phase I think. You meet someone and everything is all sunshine and roses and you want to do everything you can to spend more time with this person and get to know them. You show them how awesome you are and invest lots of time and energy into this pre-relationship phase. Then as you become more “comfortable” with each other things start to decline. You forget why you liked them in the first place. Other life commitments seem to take priority and that love you had for them gets lost. This of course can happen over a period of weeks, months or years. Some people choose to ignore it, like I have in the past. And others who end up having a successful relationship meet it head on with their partner and do some serious work to save their fledging relationship. Well thats what I believe anyway. Thanks again for the comment.

  2. alegra22 says:

    A big life lesson for me over the last ten years has been to invest wisely in others. I have the ability to love/endure a lot in others but once I started having children, I realized I didn’t have the time or energy to invest in others who weren’t equally invested in me…it felt selfish at first, to not always put my energy into every one, but then I realized it was actually more selfish to spread myself too thin because the people who were really committed to me, willing to meet me step by step, ended up not getting the full love and energy they deserved because I was too occupied struggling with relationships that weren’t nourishing and supportive.

    • I think you hit it on the head with “nourishing and supportive”. Everyone needs these two elements to have a successful relationship. Well thats what I believe. You have to feel “love” so that you know your time that you are investing in them is worth it. You need this support naturally as you both grow together and both meet life’s challenges. Again, that’s what I believe.

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