I have lived a pretty good life. I have had experiences that most people only dream of and some people could never dream of. Life has been pretty good. I have been blessed. It’s only in the midst of pain can someone see how fortunate their life has really been. It’s only been through the heartache created by A leaving me that I have been able to reflect back on my life. I’m not gonna list off all the “cool” things I have done AND I am sure that some people out there would be thinking “what a dick” trying to say that his life has been better than mine. I guess I do suffer from a slight dose of narcism. But I can honestly say God has blessed my life in many, many ways.

Which brings me to the whole idea of pessimism. Everyone has their own reasons for the mindset they have about life. We blame our family, upbringing, our station in life, etc, etc. I think their is a very thin line between optimism and pessimism. Where one looks at all the positive things that may have happened in their life, the other only looks at the negative. During my 36 years 0f life I have met many of both.

The thing about both these types of people is that their ‘mindset’ or aura can rub off on you very easily. The more time you spend with them the more affected your mindset becomes. When you choose to hangout with optimistic people (OP) life feels good and you start to feel good about yourself. When you choose the opposite…well you get the picture. PP are not good for you. I have found this to be true in my own life. Everytime I have made a connection with PP I have always tried to change their mindset into a OP. Sometimes it works BUT most of the time it is too late. For various reasons they are lost to a life of Eternal Pessimism. We all know the saying “You reap what you sew”, this applies to both OP and PP. If you plant negative thoughts and feelings in your mind what else do you think is going to grow from that?

A perfect example of this and the reason why I thought of this blog is one of the teachers here. We all found out our placements two days ago. She has been placed in an area that most would consider “rural” over here. We had all been told during recruitment that we would most likely be placed there so be prepared. She is obviously a PP. She was approached by a lovely EMT I have met named CM who happens to be going to the same area. The other girl told her that she wasn’t happy and they (our employers) were not going to put her in a cave! How do you think that made CM feel! We all agreed that the other girl had obviously not come here with an OP mindset. She had already put up those negative barriers before she even stepped off the plane.

Sadly no one can change this type of mindset with out going through some kind of major change and it has to be HUGE. It has been for me. I make sure to keep my distance from these people. I can’t be their babysitters anymore. They need to take care of themselves. If they can’t see the help I offer thrown right in front of their faces then there is no point in beating a dead horse…No point.

  1. alegra22 says:

    There is always something to be grateful for…no matter how bad circumstances may seem, the simplest things we take for granted are things that some people can only dream of (food, shelter, health, work, etc) and whenever I find myself challenged by my attitude or being self-critical, I think of this. I’m also learning that the more generous I am with myself, with others, the more grateful I am for my circumstances, the more life flows its blessings in and I can see clearly how trapped in unhappiness people who are negative/critical…they are their own worst enemies/victimize themselves. This isn’t to say that things in life are all moonbeams and fairydust…we are human and things annoy us and we have to right to vent (and you know I fully take this right seriously!) but I think the key is that we do it with perspective and humor and generosity, understanding that when we look at others, “there but for the Grace of God goes I…”
    Meaning, who knows why someone is the way they are? It’s not for us to judge, just learn, forgive, carry on.

    • That’s exactly right. I try not to ‘judge’ these people anymore. I get upset and then accept who they are. And to be honest I feel sorry for them. Thinking that somewhere in the life they had something terrible/tragic/sad happen o shape the person the are today. And that they never got the love/help/assistance they needed then to heal. It’s like their wounded and looking for a bandaid. It’s because of God that my natural instinct is to be this bandaid. But I now think twice before I go sticking it on!

  2. philosophygonewrong says:

    I completely understand where you are coming from, and think its a great idea that you no longer waste your efforts on trying to turn these people into positive people.

    However, as a negative thinker, I would like to say that not all negative thinkers are pessimists. For example, I made a status about how the next 9 months are going to suck (due to last year of study), but I think I’m going to fail or anything like that. In fact, I would say I use it more as a motivator, wanting to pass quickly do as to avoid making the studying last longer. Kinda like like eating all the yuck things on the plate first, leaving the nice and enjoyable food to look forward to.

    Also, on a side note, it’s proven that negative thinkers make workplaces more effecient. Whether that’s due to less horseplay, or more whining, I’m not sure. Just some food for thought..

    • Actually my bro it’s been proven that workplaces are more productive when the boss is a positive thinker. Microsoft and Apple are evidence of this. One persons arrogance is another persons confidence. Efficient does not necessarily mean happy or perfect. But I guess it just depends on whose eyes you are looking through. As a boss if your company is efficient then you assume your profits will maintain or increase. Therefore proving that a ‘negative’ mindset is a good thing. But from your employees perspective I’m sure they view things a little differently.

      I personally have worked with and under (not literally) with negative people. So have seen the true power of positive and negative thinkers. I know which people I like to work with as I’m sure you do too.

      But that’s why I have much love for you bro, we can agree to disagree and it never changes who we are as friends.

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