For those of you who have been following my blog for a while now, you are familiar with my discussion about God and my reconnection with my faith. I have had God in my life for a very longtime. He was like a silent partner in my business. I never flaunted him in front of others or try to shove biblical messages about him down people’s throats. He was there to guide me and help me make the right decisions.

During my 36 years of life I lost my way on various occasions. But I never forgot about God.

Many people come across various challenges in their lives. Some good, some bad. Recently I have witnessed both. Not just me personally but others around me. It has been interesting to see how others have handled their own situations. A new friend I have made found out some shocking news today. The sad thing was that I already knew what was going to happen. It had to do with our jobs. Anyway, he is going to lose his position with our company. I’ve only known him for a little while but I feel terrible for him. Another guy at work was basically told that if he didn’t “shape up” he would be terminated too.

I felt like crap. Cause guess who is being shifted into (one of the guys) their positions.

Even though it’s no fault of mine, I still felt terrible. They both reacted with pride, honor and dignity. Something you don’t often see in these types of situations. I think their age had a lot to do with it too. But, in saying that they were both still at work surrounded by an all male staff so maybe didn’t want to break down in tears…gotta be a man and all that jazz.

What hit me, besides their humility, was the emptiness of words I had. I didn’t know what to say to either of them. I just nodded and agreed with what ever they said. Like one of those Fairground Plastic clowns you through ping-pong balls into. I felt weird. It was like someone had died. The older of the two said something that made me get all teary; “It’s like they have said that your 30years experience in this business means nothing”, It was like his Mana (power/honour) had been stripped away from him. That really cut me deep. It was a deep sense of sadness that we could all feel in our staff department.

My close friend asked me to pray for him. So I did. Kept it simple.

The amazing thing was that he himself said that this is probably a blessing. That things could be worse. At least he still has his health and his family. I agreed. I reminded him also about his parents that were arriving tonight from his home country too. He was my inspiration, well they both were, for me to blog so early in the week (three blogs a week is a killer). God creates many pathway’s. He gives us guidance to choose the right pathway. Things that we see as obstacles are merely challenges that we need to rise above. He doesn’t want to just give us the answers, we have to seek them out. It’s a journey, we all know that. And without these little “hiccups” we wouldn’t be able to truly enjoy what we find at the end of our journey. God’s pathways will set your free, but only if you keep the faith. Difficult task for some. But not for these two honorable men.

  1. alegra22 says:

    I am learning that sometimes the best thing you can do is not to have word but just be a witness/presence for the people around you going through loss/change. I know exactly what you mean about that wound to ‘mana’. I’ve seen that before and it hurts to witness in a good man but a good man always uses that blow to strengthen his spirit and power. What a journey you are on over there. Bless and arohanui

  2. Exactly, I’ve been doing that a lot recently. Just being a witness to people’s ‘situations’. It’s sometimes hard to say the ‘right’ thing, so I try to just listen and wait until I can say something that actually has meaning. “Oh yeah” doesn’t always cut it! You know this kind of reminded me of what happened to your husband and his old work…very similar I feel. Now look where he is!! God’ pathways!!

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