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Posted: April 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Things have been good. Not really, really good. But good. Hence the mis-blog or no-blog last week. Been so busy with my new job and living in a new country it’s been easy to get distracted.

I always think back to my mates words “Don’t let your blog become a chore”. So I haven’t. I’ve thought seriously about what I need to say. This blog has definitely been a huge help in healing my heart. But it’s not over yet. I still have another 18 months to go. Yip, that’s right, for those that have been following me from the beginning it’s now just over 6 months!

I still think about A. Wondering how she is and whether she still thinks about me too. I still think about all the things I have been through over this time too. I have learnt so much about myself and people around me. I am hoping that all this “new” knowledge is going to help me achieve my goals of emotional and financial stability. Praying too.

I can promise you this. I have been keeping to my righteous path and it has been paying dividends. Each time it feels like my faith is tested I give myself a friendly reminder. I’m not trying to say that I’m better than others and I’m definitely not judging others by their actions. I know I can’t change others around me. So I don’t try. As my good friend AS said “You do you and I’ll do me”. Simple statement (and funny) but so true.

I know that my actions and my words can easily influence people around me, without directing any of this towards them. It is in the subtlety of these two things that I can help others. Not much to add really.

  1. Andy H says:

    Hey bro, good to see you’re still plugging away with this blog! For my own part, I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to get on here and actually respond to one of your posts… I could give you any number of excuses as to why that is but if I’m honest it all just comes down to not making enough time; I’ve not been doing that for a number of people so have decided that crap’s gotta stop. Who do we have if not one another, right?

    I’ve read over all your posts since December when I last emailed you and I’m impressed by your tenacity to stick to your cause and see this through to the end. There has clearly been a lot of self doubt, anguish and temtptation along the way but you remain steadfast on your righteous path. Personally, I’m not a religious man but I can see how the clarity and power in that kind of religious imagery could be an inspiring light to follow.

    I wanted to ask you about how you are finding it relating with people in your workplace these days… have you found it relatively easy to connect with everyone or has it been difficult? The reason I ask is that I always remember the freedom I felt from being away from my homeland where nobody knew the real me. This was when I spent a year in the UK in 2002. It was a great feeling of excitement and positivity that engulfed me, knowing that I could literally be whoever I wanted to be and didn’t feel constrained by others’ pre-formed ideas of what I “ought” to be like. There was no reason not to do anything that just felt right. Now I know you carry some serious luggage with you from your homeland but perhaps the opportunity of starting afresh and living in the here and now could be therapeutic for you as well?

    Certainly it’s an opportunity if you can clear your head long enough to see it in front of you!

    Anyways man, keep trucking and all the best eh!



    • Kia Ora my bro,

      Longtime no hear!

      I have been doing the exact same thing. I have been trying to keep connected to my friends and family back home, especially those people who have helped me through my situation. It’s cliche, but it’s the old analogy of watering a plant. Except it’s not water that keeps me connected to people, it’s me communicating with my whanau and friends.

      Thanks for the advice bro. I haven’t really reinvented myself over here, i’ve just made sure to ‘improve’ myself. To be honest I think i’ve been doing a pretty good job. And god has been rewarding me for this. I don’t wanna get in to details but he has been watching over me in the UAE.

      I’d like to think that I have slowly started to unpack all the luggage I brought over here now…and head back home in the summer break with empty suitcases…well maybe some gifts for the whanau.

      Again bro, thanks for the words and well keep in touch for sure!!


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