Posted: August 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I’ve allowed myself to drift away from my weekly blogs. To be honest I’ve forgotten all about my blog until reminders from my mates. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing here. I genuinely don’t have anything to add. Don’t want it to be a chore as I’ve mentioned previously…

Closure is something that I wish I had. I think that seems to be the biggest issue I’m having right now.

I know that I may never get the closure I would like…spending the last few months processing everything that happened before, during and after the breakup gets a little bit boring…but that’s how my mind works…very analytical and logical. Trying to straighten things out.

One minute I am absolutely positive why things went down the way they did…the next minute I get confused again…not sure where that’s coming from though.

I know that things have been getting better and they seem to have plateaued…Most probably cause I’m going to leave my daughters soon and head back to the UAE. They are still a strong reminder of why I am working overseas. They miss me. I miss them. But I know we won’t be apart for too long.

You know, I actually hope that one day A will be able to contact me just so I can hear it from her, I guess just so I can have confirmation of my thoughts…Closure is something that all relationships need…I think.

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