Posted: January 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Returned to work. Leaving my home country was very difficult this time round. Been a long week of constant home sickness and surprise, surprise still thinking about A too. 

Xmas and New Years time seems to bring out all these emotions. That’s obvious. So no real surprise about the way I’ve been feeling recently.

It has been an extremely lonely week this week. First time I’ve felt this way overseas for a very longtime. Hence the pendulum. Pendulum of emotions.

It’s been affecting people all around me too. We all seem to be paying for our Xmas/New Years cheer. Emotionally and financially!!

Met a lovely girl on the flight back here. We got on really well. Things could’ve possibly continued…but had to remain focussed on my journey…VERY difficult though! Walked away from that situation, but man it was very HARD to do that…felt my old habits creeping back in again…I know it’s natural for me to be this way, but I want to make sure that I don’t hurt anyone anymore…especially someone from the opposite sex.

The pendulum swings and so do more emotions. I prefer the times when it stops. I know things will get back to normal in a few more weeks…My faith has helped me through much of this…along with some wonderful friends.

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