Posted: May 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Over the past month I have had a couple of dreams that have included A. For most parts they have been nice. Nothing crazy Just normal. Last night that changed.

I had a very vivid nightmare. A and I were ‘hooking’ up at my parents whare. My parents came into the room and, like in many dreams, I couldn’t understand their words but could tell from there body language they weren’t happy with the situation.

It then quickly switched to my parents chasing done intruder outside our house. It was dark and I couldn’t tell where they were or who they were chasing. I had a terrible feeling if fear.

I was semi-conscious physically shaking and sweating. It was ver upsetting for me. Very vivid. I had a strong urge to call my parents, but decided to let sleep try and heal this feeling. It worked.

I’m home sick today. Whether that had anything to do with my nightmare I’m not sure. I’m always trying to analyse dreams like this. Especially when they are do vivid. I’m not sure what it could mean.

I know that even after all this time I still miss A. I still love her. But I still live M too. I think I just have to accept that they will always be part of me forever. Possibly. Maybe.

God had helped keep me focused. My friends here and at home have been a great support too.

Only 6 months left on this 2 year journey. It’s gone surprisingly fast!

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